Safety Insulin Pen Needles

● Choice of needle length: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm for 29G, 30, 31G, 32G.

● Sterile, non-pyrogenic.

● Visible needle and Accurate penetration makes the injection more comfortable.

● Automatic sleeve protection lock and easy for using.

● Universal fit for all the pens on the market.

● Broad shield diameter reduces pressure and resistance on the patient’s skin.

● Sterilized by ethylene oxide and no pyrogen.

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    Product Details

    Nominal GAUGE Color Code General Specifications Packing Quantity
    0.3 30G Yellow 0.30(0.30×6mm/30G) 10000 pieces / carton
    0.25 31G Blue 0.25(0.25×5mm/31G) 10000 pieces / carton
    0.23 32G Green 0.23(0.23×4mm/32G) 10000 pieces / carton
    0.2 33G Purple 0.20(0.20×4mm/33G) 10000 pieces / carton