Flow Regulator(Precision Flow Regulator)

  • Flow Regulator enables high accurate control of flow rate in gravity infusion for intravenous solutions.
  • Operating Range:20 – 250 ml/h
  • Head pressure 80 cm

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    Product Details


    Flow Regulator
    Flow regulators enables high accurate control of flow rate in gravity infusion for intravenous solutions.
    Flow Regulator Specifications
    Configuration Part Number Part Image Flow Regulation
    Operating Range Remark
    20 – 250 ml/h Strictly follow the instruction for use

    Instruction for Use

    1)Place the I.V. solution container at about 80 cm above the outlet level.
    2)Connect the I.V. set to the container.
    3)Connect the Extension Set with Regulator to the I.V. set (not necessary if Regulator is already contained in I.V. set)
    4)Open the clamp to begin priming the line.
    5)Check that liquid is coming out of the end of the line.
    6)Regulator is provided in the OPEN position.
    7)PRIME Regulator completely turning Regulator from OPEN position to OFF position and then adjust the Regulator scale to the required value.
    8)Connect the I.V. line to the catheter or needle.
    9)Double check that Regulator is delivering the required flow rate by counting the drops.
    * In order to change the flow rate, adjust height of I.V. solution container. Raise the container to increase the flow rate, lower the container to decrease it.

    Standard test conditions

    1)Head pressure 80 cm (i.e.: differential height between the inlet and outlet of liquid in the I.V set)
    2)Standard ISO8536-4 gravity I.V. line: vented drip chamber 20 drops/ml with 15 micron filter, tubing 3.0 x 4.1 mm, Y-site connector downstream with the Regulator and Male Luer lock connector at the end of the line.
    3)Needle used is 20G, 36 mm length.
    4)Total length of the line 150 cm.
    5)Liquid used: NaCl 0.9% physiological solution.

    58.5*43.5*27 CM
    1200 pcs/case