Check Valves(Male-Female)

  • Configuration:Male-Female
  • Cracking Pressure::< 0.725 psi
  • Maximum Back Pressure:45 psi
  • Flow Rate:45 psi

Product Details


The INT® check valves are used to control the follow direction of fluids, and available in various configurations. Single Check Valves are designed to prevent back flow in one direction, and available in several opening pressure ratings from near zero opening pressure for gravity infusions to higher opening pressure to prevent gravity flow.

♦ The luer on this check valve is compatible to all standard luer syringes and connectors

♦ Low cracking pressures

♦ Working in any spatial orientation

♦ Burst pressure: up to 350 psi

♦ Materials: Polycarbonate & Silicone

46*33*33 CM
10000 pcs/case