The 15th Mevos International Congress of Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine

The 15th Mevos International Congress of Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine (MEVOS) with the theme of “Knowing each other, Companionship, Reshaping and Rebirth” will be held at the Dalian International Conference Center from September 1st to 3rd, 2023. KDL sincerely invites you to this exhibition, and sincerely thanks for your support and guidance!

28 Aug 2023

Medical enterprise party building alliance join hands for common development

Zhang Yong, secretary and general manager of the company’s party branch, led Zhang Wanli, secretary of the party committee of Longwan District First People’s Hospital, and Shao Mindi, deputy secretary, to visit the company’s exhibition hall to learn. In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of […]

03 Apr 2023

Kindly Group went to Dusseldorf, Germany to participate in the 2022 MEDICA International Medical Exhibition

From November 14th to 17th, 2022, the 54th International Hospital and Medical Equipment Supplies Exhibition (MEDICA) was held at the International Exhibition Center in Dusseldorf, Germany. Kindly Group (Booth No.: Hall 6, 6C41) Two years later, another delegation went to Dusseldorf to participate in the exhibition, and together with many Chinese companies, they showed the […]

03 Apr 2023

The foundation stone laying ceremony of the R&D headquarters was a complete success

The project extends to Gaochao Road in the east, Shuangyang Port in the west, land border in the south, and Shuangyang Port in the north, with a total construction area of ​​49,336.79 square meters, including an underground area of ​​12,630.2 square meters and a building area of ​​36,282 square meters. After the completion of Shanghai […]

03 Apr 2023

(KDL) Disposable injection needles are approved for marketing

Disposable Needle Microneedles can be used for cosmetic liquid injections. Product advantages: ①Ultra-thin ②Ultra-short 3mm ③Ultra-fine 34G ④Meet different needs

03 Apr 2023

Kindly won the title of National “Green Factory”

The company is a medical device manufacturer specializing in the production of medical puncture needle series products under the Kindly Group, and now has an annual production capacity of more than 10 billion various medical needles, ranking among the forefront of domestic counterparts. In recent years, KDL has continuously increased investment in green, energy-saving and […]

03 Apr 2023

KDL and Guoke Wenzhou Research Institute jointly established an engineering R&D center

The establishment of a joint engineering research and development center aims to strengthen the in-depth cooperation between enterprises and scientific research institutes, and improve the comprehensive strength of technological research and development of enterprises. In the future, the two parties will further carry out the research and development of high-end medical devices and materials, using […]

03 Apr 2023

KDL Disposable Biopsy Needle Approved for Marketing

It is used to obtain specimens for biopsy from human tissues such as liver, kidney, prostate, breast, lymph nodes, soft tissue tumors, etc. ① Two-step excitation or one-step excitation: full sampling, safe and worry-free ②The upper control is more labor-saving: One-handed holding, thumb loading, easy and labor-saving ③Ultrasonic enhanced treatment: Clearly visible under B-ultrasound ④Laser […]

03 Apr 2023